Carolina Herrera 3D Printed Model Perfume Bottle

Back in June Composite Images were approached by a client to produce a 3D printed model shoe, we thought easy no problem a shoe we can do. Then we saw the “shoe” we were to be printing a 3D model of and all of a sudden it wasn’t quite so easy.

The shoe was actually a perfume bottle, none other than the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume bottle. With a teetering heel that would make any woman wince in pain just thinking about wearing and a beautiful black and gold colour. The perfume bottle itself is a piece of art, just gorgeous and we were so excited to get onto the challenge of creating a 3D printed model of it.

Good Girl Perfume Bottle

Carolina Herrera Perfume Bottle and Box

For the most part our 3D printing guru had no struggles and worked out the best segments to splice the model into to provide optimum results. The part that was difficult was accommodating for the exponential raise on the heel, being that quite a number of layers of the printing would be conducted almost in mid-air to create that incline. Adding in a few internal supports and measures to stabilise the shoe and we were ready to go.

3D printed model straight out of the printer

3 segments of the shoe being glued and seeled together

The shoe was printed in 3 segments and then expertly glued and seeled together to create a seamless finish. After the model had been put together it was time to work on the finishing including sanding, filling and painting. Within 2 weeks we went from looking at a 2D picture to completing a wonderful 3D model, standing an impressive 2m high.

3D printed model being painted

Shoe at the beginning of it’s paint journey

The model is being used to promote the amazing Good Girl fragrance by Carolina Herrera.

3D printed model on display

Eye-catching finished product ready to draw consumers in and attract their attention

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