Composite Images in the Media

Composite Images in the news

We love sharing our wonderful work and exciting new machines with our peers and fellow print industry followers. Here are just a few of our recent publications focusing on our Massivit 3D printer.

  •  Wide Format Online sharing Composite Images’ 3D printed face shields in the fight against COVID-19

Composite Images at Artarmon on Sydney’s lower North Shore said: “We are extremely excited to announce that in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Composite Images with Massivit 3D have developed a face shield utilising our 3D printing capabilities.”

Wide Format Online Face Shield in COVID19 fight

  • Australian Printer interview regarding Composite Images being Beta testers for the recent Massivit Pro updates

“As one of the beta test sites, Composite Images has been using the new version for several months. Bruce Scott, the company’s owner, explains, “It has improved reliability and added features which allow us to change the resolution of the print within a single print. So parts of the model can have extra strength”

Australian Printer Massivit Pro Upgrade

FESPA sharing their picks for the Top 20 3D Print Applications for 2018

  • FESPA sharing our 3D Printed Carolina Herrera Shoe

“An absolute shoe-in…Composite Images used its Massivit 1800 to 3D print this 2m-high shoe to promote Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl perfume bottle. The piece took just 13 hours to print, followed by assembly, sanding, filling and painting.”

FESPA top 20 3d printsGraphic Art Mart are now exclusively selling Massivit 3D Printers in Australia and we have partnered with them to provide a 3D printed rugby player for the Visual Impact Expo and to demonstrate the wonderful machine to other printers.

  • Pro Print sharing the news:

“Graphic Art Mart’s stand at the show is displaying one of 14 giant 3D printed rugby players printed by Sydney sign and display company Composite Images for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup. In a partnership with Graphic Art Mart, Composite Images is demonstrating the machine to other printers.”

Pro Print Media article Massivit

  • Australian Printer’s write up on Graphic Art Mart’s exclusive selling rights to Massivit 3D printer

“Massivit produces large scale 3D printers, with Sydney-based Composite Images having purchased one of two in Australia, making the buy at its initial launch in drupa 2016…with Composite Images having great success with it.”

Australian Printer Massivit media article

A great write up on our 3D printed Carolina Herrera Shoe

“Fortunately Composite Images is among the first adopters of Massivit‘s giant size Massivit 1800 3D printer, developed specifically for visual marketing opportunities. The system uses a special resin which is extruded through a print head and immediately polymerized by applying UV light. This makes it extremely fast, efficient and affordable. In other words, it is ideal to create unique, giant size display models.”

Carolina Herrera 3D Printed Shoe

Pro Print have shared our wonderful 3D printed rugby players

“I went into 3D printing because it looked like fun. I could see it expanding and it has a large market with lots of potential growth. As a printer, we are always looking for different avenues.”

3D Printed Rugby Giants

Quite possibly our most exciting and highly anticipated purchase was our Massivit 1800 3D Printer. Our printer was the first in New South Wales and only one of two in Australia so there was plenty of enthusiasm surrounding it’s arrival.

  • Write up on the purchase of the Massivit and what it can do on Wide Format Online

“Composite Images of Artarmon, Sydney is the first POP, sign and display printer in NSW* to commit to the giant 3D machine from Israeli-manufacturer Massivit, placing the order on the spot at drupe”

Wide Format Screenshot

  • Manufacturers Monthly discussing our 3D printer purchase

“Composite Images, whose clients include Australia Post and Qantas, has invested in one of the Israeli-based company’s 1.2 metre x 1.5 metre x 1.8 metre machines, which print in a UV-cured gel polymer”

Manufacturers Monthly Screenshot

  • Pro Print sharing the excitement of our Massivit 1800 purchase 

“There is nothing else like it. We were looking for something to differentiate us from regular wide format roll and flatbed production, and the Massivit 1800 fitted that bill perfectly – so I went shopping,” 

Pro Print Screenshot

  • Printers Post reporting on our 3D Printer purchase

“Composite Images is one of Australia’s leading sign, display, exhibition and point-of-purchase manufacturers with clients that include Qantas, Australia Post, and The Star. The company currently has several roll and flatbed devices, cutting and finishing capabilities.”


Printers Post Media Article Massivit 3D Printer