Why Your Brand Needs Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping has been growing in popularity over the years, with cars being a common choice. It makes sense, you’re driving around each day with your car being seen by countless individuals, potentially your target market, why not take advantage of the opportunity to show people your business?

Next time you see a car that has been vinyl wrapped, either completely or a small segment to display the brand or business take note and see how long those details stick in your mind. If you see that vehicle again you will be sure to remember the brand and probably go on to Google it and find out a little more about what they do. Whether you are targeting other businesses or consumers directly, vinyl wrapping has a place and benefit for you.

vinyl wrapping of a car

Got a boat? We can vinyl wrap that and show off your brand on the water as well.

vinyl wrapping of a boat

Another application of vinyl wrapping is to wrap your brands lettering or logo. This works in a different way to the car wrapping as it isn’t mobile or reaching as wide an audience however it has the opportunity to really make your business and brand stand out. Today there is a high uptake and dependence on social media, particularly producing visually appealing photos so using your brand to tap into this is invaluable. The reach extends exponentially from who views your business by physically seeing it to anyone who views a photo on social media. We are not talking about simply having a visually appealing logo or lettering displayed, but rather regularly updating that logo or lettering to reflect current events, remaining relevant and in the now. After all, that is what social media is about.

It reminds me of a wall in Edgecliff that always had a new mural or design painted on it, it became a “thing” an attraction, people were always looking out for what would be there next. You can create that same hype and interest in your brand by doing similar with vinyl wrapping, a relatively inexpensive, reliable and easily changeable method.

vinyl wrapping the star letters red and gold
vinyl wrapping the star letters blue and white
vinyl wrapping the star letters white with pattern

An amazing example of a company already doing this is The Star in Darling Harbour, they have large 3D lettering of “The Star” which remained blank for quite some time. Then we started vinyl wrapping the letters in a theme that matched the current events or promotions happening inside the casino. Due to the brilliance and magnitude of the wrapping and letters this quickly became a focal point for passers-by and an attraction for those already in the know to see what they would do next. Hello automatic crowd-pleaser, selfie backdrop and focal point!

The above examples weren’t enough? Here are a few more of the amazing skins we have created for The Star.

vinyl wrapping the star letters mothers day
vinyl wrapping the star letters patterns
vinyl wrapping the star letters floral

vinyl wrapping the star letters green and gold
vinyl wrapping the star letters white and illuminated
vinyl wrapping the star letters christmas

Another great example of utilising vinyl wrapping to reflect current events is IAG. Every year when it is time for the Mardi Gras celebrations and parade we wrap their prominent George Street logo.

vinyl wrapping IAG sign mardi gras

Convinced your brand needs some vinyl wrapping in it’s life but now sure how or where? Give us a call and we can help you develop a plan to unleash the powerful marketing tool that is vinyl wrapping. Contact one of our friendly staff via the contact page or pop an email through to info@compositeimages.com.au – we love creating and helping businesses and brands achieve their goals!

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