Case Studies


Amber Technology – Integrate 2017

Amber Technology exhibiton display monitors

The Customer

Amber Technology is an Australian based business formed in 1987 delivering some of the world’s most innovative and award-winning brands in the professional audio, commercial AV and consumer electronics markets.

Amber Technology are regular exhibitors at Integrate Expo which is Australia’s premier annual AV and Integration trade show. In 2017 the Integrate Expo was being held in Melbourne and the team at Amber Technology had some innovative ideas for the exhibition stand. Composite Images have been creating exhibition stands for Amber Technology for years, utilising our versatile T3 modular display product

The Requirements

For the Integrate Expo 2017 Amber Technology required a 15m x 6m space, with walls to display their extensive product range and demonstrate the visual and sound quality of the products. They also require a dark room to show their Optoma home cinema display. Amber Technology wanted an exhibition display that would stand out, was visually appealing, would draw attendees in and create an experience for them.

The Solution

Once the exhibition display designers at Composite Images understood the requirements they set to work designing the T3 structural framework. The majority of the T3 framework being used was already owned by Amber Technology and had been used in many prior exhibitions as each piece can be reconfigured to create a completely new framework. Once the framework design was complete it was time to measure and design the MDF used to mount the products. Not only are the sizes and shapes of the products factored in but the weight as well, which is very important, particularly when there are over 100 products being displayed as was the case with this exhibition. The home cinema display was another area that required particular attention to detail with a glow in the dark sign and carefully displayed exit signage included for safety purposes.

Amber Technology exhibition display being built

After the framework and MDF came the design of the graphics that would cover the display providing product information and overall visual appeal of the display.

Amber Technoloy exhibition display being built

Once the entire design process was complete we packaged all of the framework and graphics in their custom designed wheeled transport bags and sent them from Sydney to Melbourne. Our installation team met the products on the other end and began assembling this impressive display. The team worked for 12 hours putting down the flooring, erecting the framework, attaching the MDF, installing the products including providing electricity and lighting and covering it all with the graphics.

Amber Technology exhibition display almost complete

The End Result

The 2017 Integrate Amber Technology display was one of the most advanced and intricate display designs yet with the entire team from both Composite Images and more importantly Amber Technology thrilled with the finished product. The display was visually appealing and easy to navigate with the products clearly displayed, labelled and described making it simple for attendees to understand and absorb what they were viewing. The installation process went ahead without any hiccups with the Composite Images team working alongside the Amber Technologies team to ensure the products were working correctly. Again, when it came time to dismantle the display and package the framework and graphics back into the transport bags there were no issues at all.

Amber Technology exhibition stand with speakers

Composite Images are currently installing the Amber Technology 2018 Integrate display at the ICC and it is stacking up to be bigger and better than ever before. The same T3 framework pieces are being reconfigured creating a cost-effective display for the team at Amber Technology. On top of this we have added in some well thought out and expertly executed display techniques allowing the products to pop and be easily viewed. We’ve even used our Massivit 3D printer to create an eye-catching sign to help draw in the attendees to the stand. Stay tuned for plenty of pictures and information about the 2018 Integrate stand.