Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics have become the must have feature of every modern office revival. Once limited to wallpaper and frosting, environmental graphics now know no bounds. Every inch of wall, glass, timber and concrete has become a blank canvas begging to be brought to life.

Here at Composite Images we enjoy engaging with graphic professionals and collaborating on projects to give places of business an uplifting environment in which staff can function to their maximum potential. We also provide wayfinding signage for the office and car park making for a more pleasant experience.

Just about anything you can imagine can be doneā€¦.Just ask us how.

The Star 2020

Product Information:

  • Glass graphics reverse printed with white ink on Ultra Clear SAV
  • Wall graphics printed on Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) or Wall Paper in a range of textures and finishes
  • Floor graphics printed on Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) with anti-slip floor laminate
  • Single panels up to 1500mm wide
  • Wayfinding signage can be produced on Self Adhesive Vinyl installed directly on the surface or on a range of different substrates including reflective vinyl for signage in car parks
  • We conduct onsite measures of every pane of glass or wall panel to ensure accuracy and high-quality results
  • Life durability of 1-10 years depending on substrates used
  • All workmanship guaranteed
  • From a single panel to an entire office building