Game of Thrones 3D Mausoleum Crown

If your office is anything like ours it’s been impossible to escape the Game of Thrones talk this last week. Well the excitement has been enhanced even more in our office because we worked on an amazing and intricate crown with antlers to sit on top of one of the mausoleums being displayed in Centennial Park, Sydney in anticipation of the new season premiere.

“Two mausoleums and many, intricately designed, gravestones have been spread across 2000 square metres of Sydney’s sprawling Centennial Park by Foxtel, ahead of next week’s series premiere. And each is inscribed with the names of who lays inside” – Concrete Playground

Game of Thrones Mausoleum 3D crown and antlers

Photography by ROBERT GRAY

For those of you who are not Game of Thrones buffs the show is known for killing off many of it’s main characters, unlike many other series where you feel comfortable knowing your favourites will always be saved.

“The list of deaths in the first seven seasons is long — longer than even Arya Stark’s list — and the fallen are being commemorated in an eerie new Game of Thrones cemetery, which has popped up in Sydney. Yes, right here in Australia.” – Concrete Playground

The crown and antlers were 3D printed on our Massivit 1800 printer in three main pieces; the crown and two antlers. We then printed some of the more intricate details separately and they were added to the crown after printing was complete. You can see the level of detail below in this wonderful close up photo of the 3D print.

Game of Thrones Mausoleum 3D crown and antlers

Photography by ROBERT GRAY

We love working with our 3D printer and determining the best method of printing and splicing the 3D files to provide optimum results for our clients. No two projects are ever the same and the continued challenge is something we love, but also it is what sets us apart. We have the skills and expertise to look at any file and find the best way to print it. Sometimes this even means using other resources of materials to create the final result. Our end goal is always to please our clients and we never take on work we aren’t confident we can deliver on.


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