COVID Safety Products


In response to the COVID pandemic and current health and safety requirements Composite Images have identified key products to assist businesses in taking precautions to keep their staff and customers safe.

These include floor decals, safety signage, hand sanitising stations, sneeze guards/hygiene screens and face shields. We also love working with customers to identify their specific requirements and creating custom products to meet those needs.

Our floor decals are slip rated for safety and ideal for ensuring individuals maintain the recommended 1.5m social distance between each other. Not only do they mark out the distance they also serve as a reminder.

COVID safety signage is useful to display throughout your business to remind patrons of the current guidelines as well as requirements when they are on your premises. This could include information about social distance, hand hygiene, wearing a mask, temperature checks etc.

Hand sanitising stations are particularly useful to display at entry and exit points to your business premises, this makes it easy for individuals to ensure their hands are clean upon entry and exit. We can customise our hand sanitising stations to meet your design and colour guides as well as including important safety information and instructions such as the recommended hand cleaning process. We also produce our hand sanitising stations in both adult and children height.

Sneeze guards and hygiene screens have been very popular for helping employees and customers feel safer within your business providing the added protection of a physical barrier. Our sneeze guards and hygiene screens are produced from black metal extrusion and clear PETG, they are lightweight, sturdy and easy to clean. We can also print directly onto the clear PETG including your logo, frosting or a custom design. We produce these to order and are therefore produce custom dimensions to meet your requirements.

Floor Decals Social distancing floor decal
Safety Signage COVID Safety Sign
Hand Sanitising Stations COVID hand sanitising station
Sneeze Guard and Hygiene Screens COVID Hygiene Screen


If you have any questions or would like to discuss our products please feel free to reach out to our friendly team at or fill out a contact form here.

Please note we recommend checking with NSW Health and Safe Work Australia for up to date requirements and guidelines. Please check suitability of products for your intended application prior to purchasing.