Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing are the roots of Composite Images, we have been producing them for over 20 years. We are experts in this field, understanding all of the factors required to create a quality product. We print on an extensive range of substrates allowing our team to ensure the best product is being used for the job and is fit for purpose. Factors such as where the print will be, environmental conditions and the time frame the print is required for allow the knowledgeable Composite Images team to determine the appropriate substrates, inks and finishing methods required to create the desired outcome.

There is no print too large for us here at Composite Images, our printers can handle anything and our experienced installation team are yet to meet a surface or space they could not handle.

If you need help discussing your Large Format Print requirements please contact our friendly team with our details that can be found here or by filling in the Contact form on the same page.

Large format printing - signs at Scenic World
Large format printing - sign for The Star
Large format printing- overhead for Melbourne Cup