3D Printing in Advertising and Props


Over the years we have uncovered where our 3D printing is most effective and one of those areas is 3D printing in advertising and props.

In fact a recent study by Market Watch found that 3D advertising and promotions have 5 times the stopping power of 2D advertising! Now those are some impressive figures and you can understand why 3D printing is so effective for advertising, quite simply it has that wow factor. You can make every day items stand out by making them larger than life and creating the ideal focal point for individuals and potential customers who just can’t help but stop and look when they walk past.

Those reports are focusing on outside of home (OOH) advertising, activations and in-store promotions but the same can be true for traditional advertising mediums such as TV adverts. Large props have and always will be popular for grabbing peoples attention and creating a lasting impression, have a look at this current Commonwealth Bank TV advert we produced an oversized sunscreen bottle for.

This is one of those adverts that all you will need to say is “over size sunscreen bottle” and everyone will know which advert you are referring.

Not only is 3D printing ideal because of the wow factor but it can often be a cost-effective method of bringing your vision to life.

Here are some photos documenting the finishing process for this amazing sunscreen bottle.

3D Printing Sunscreen Bottle Sanding

3D Printing Sunscreen Bottle Finishing

3D Printing Sunscreen Bottle Finished

If you have a project coming up you think 3D printing could be ideal for let us know, we would love to chat through your ideas with you and see if we are able to help. We always advise right from the beginning if we don’t think 3D printing is the best method for a job so feel free to brainstorm with our friendly team!

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