Nespresso 3D Milk Splash


We are excited to share another wonderful 3D project here from us at Composite Images. Working with Construction Effects for Nespresso, we 3D printed two incredible oversized milk splashes to celebrate their fabulous Vertuo machines.

Nespresso Window with 3D Milk Splash

George Street, Sydney window display

We created two models; the larger of the two was displayed in the #nespresso George Street, Sydney window and the smaller was in the window of the Chatswood #nespresso boutique. If you have ever spilt milk you will know what an impressive splash it makes so we were determined to make our 3D print just as impressive.

Nespresso 3D Milk Splash Chatswood

Chatswood boutique window

Construction Effects supplied us with the wonderful 3D file of the spectacular milk splash and then it was on us to determine the best method of splicing the file to provide optimal results while printing. This meant printing both of the splashes in numerous segments to ensure no detail was left out.

Close up 3D milk splash

Close up milk splash Chatswood boutique window

Over the past few years with the many 3D prints we have created we have gotten very good at understanding how to segment and position files to achieve the best results. This includes assessing the complexity and stability requirements of the model to determine which printing mode and speed will work best. For example, look at the level of detail, depth and height in this close up from the #nespresso Chatswood boutique (above). The file from Construction Effects was so detailed we just had to do it justice with our print.

Nespresso George St (7)

George Street, Sydney window display

On this particular project we worked closely with Construction Effects, as mentioned they provided us with the 3D file and then once we had completed the printing we gave the model to Construction Effects who completed all finishing on the model. This can be an effective way to work with other industry professionals who can utilise their skills to create the final result.

As you can see with these milk splashes there is a lot of up and down, lumps and bumps so this project was great fun to work on. We always love a challenge here at Composite Images and the opportunity to really let our expertise and experience shine through with our out of the box methods and ideas.

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