Weight Bearing Test T3


The team at Tecna Displays commissioned a weight bearing test on their T3 structures by a local university in the UK and the results were amazing!

Let’s back track a bit before we go into the results, being that we are the exclusive distributors of T3 here in Australia we have made a lot of different structures using the T3 modular display system. These range from cylindrical tubs to pop-up activation’s through to 6m x 4m Media walls and 109sqm exhibition stands, so you can imagine we have created our fair share of designs. Almost all of our designs are different to the last with individual custom features required and slightly different dimensions and intricacies to consider.

Exhibition Display Tesrol

Recently though we had a customer approach us about hanging a heavy object from the ceiling of a T3 structure. We knew T3 was strong as our exhibition stands often support large monitors and pieces of equipment however we had never really hung a single item from the ceiling in this method before. Unsure of the exact weight limits we reached out to Tecna Displays in the UK, who created the T3 modular display system, and asked them for some concrete numbers to assist us with this project.

Media Wall on stage at the 2018 Helpmann Awards

Straight away we received a response including a comprehensive report with findings from a study conducted by a University in the UK. Test were carried out on different structures, focusing on different pieces of T3 and different ways to load the weight. The test found that he sturdiest structure can support a total load distribution of 2000kg! One simple connector that we could use to hang a single item from the ceiling would support 50kg.

T3 Test - Weight

Above is a screenshot from the test depicting the connector supporting 50kg.

We are constantly amazed with the versatility and ease of use when it comes to T3 but now knowing the tested weights we are even more excited to see what we can produce next. If this is your first time reading about T3 you should have a look at a previous blog post introducing the magical world of T3 and what we can create with it – T3 – Modular Displays; How They Work.


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