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When it comes to displays everyone wants to stand out; whether it is a large exhibition display, point of sale display or event display, the aim is to draw the crowds and create an impression. One of the most effective methods of doing this is to use an illuminated display – bright lights always stand out.

There are so many different ways you can create an illuminated display and here at Composite Images we have countless options.

One of our most recognised and widely used illuminated displays is our 2stand Luna. It is versatile, cost effective, re-usable, compact and really stands out. The system is incredibly simple to use, it is easy to transport as it is delivered flat packed and can be assembled in minutes.

2stand luna illuminated POS display

The graphics are easy to change as your product or event focus changes, you simply purchase a new graphics sleeve to fit over the base and LED light column. The 2stand Luna has lightweight and flexible feet made from shatter-proof PETG making them discreet and safe.

Next in the range is our illuminated x2 Nordic POS display. These are a more solid structure with a sturdy MDF base and top with poles either side of the graphic. Again the x2 Nordic is easy to transport and simple to put together but it does have more weight and parts than the 2stand Luna.

x2 Nordic illuminated displayorange x2nordic illuminated displaypurple x2nordic illuminated display

Moving on from our standard illuminated POS displays, we have our T3 modular display system that can be used to produce plinths, media walls and exhibition displays, just to name a few.

At exhibitions it is imperative that your brand and your display stands out from the rest as there are often rows and rows of stands on offer. If you have the same space to work with as the brand next to you, what can you do to stand out? Illuminate your exhibition display! This can be done in numerous ways, we love chatting with our clients about their vision and helping bring it to life. When it comes to T3 the possibilities really are endless.

Vortex illuminated T3 modular display exhibition standSeasol illuminated exhibition stand

You can see what an impact illuminating the T3 system has; the panels are brighter, the entre stand is eye catching and inviting. A visitor to an exhibition is unlikely to miss your stand and keep walking on by.

Composite Images exhibited a few years back and we made great use of our illuminated options to help us stand out. We also went for a sleek and sophisticated clean look utilising white to allow our products to speak for themselves. You can see how having a basic stand configuration and design can be quickly elevated by adding illumination, not only to the stand but by using additional illuminated dispays

Composite Images exhibition stand with illuminated features

Another exciting illuminated option here at Composite Images is our 3D printing. 3D printing can be used on it’s own or used in conjunction with another display method to create optimum exposure and impact. Our Massivit 3D printer is optimised for large format 3D printing, think big! We can print just about anything, from signage to models of people.

Illuminated Rugby GiantsSparesbox 3D printed and illuminated signage3D printed and illuminated signage

Above are our rugby giants, 3D printed to celebrate the rugby world cup. They travelled around Australia and were illuminated with different colours for ultimate impact. Left is a 3D printed illuminated sign for Amber Technology’s exhibition stand we produced helping them stand out and be seen from across the exhibition hall. Right is the bold Sparesbox 3D printed and illuminated logo we produced for their recent skidpan day, doesn’t it look wonderful!

The final addition to our illuminated display options is our new T3 light box. Just like our standard T3 the lightbox is extremely easy to transport and put together, it can also be customised to any required length. The T3 lightbox can be used as a media wall, exhibition display or custom creation. Being brand new to Composite Images we haven’t produced any ourselves, but we are itching to do so! If you have an event, activation or exhibition coming up and are interested in hearing more about our T3 light box please get in touch. In the meantime have a look at some of the wonderful T3 lightbox displays the team from Tecna UK have created.

Transformers T3 light box Media WallHuawei T3 light boxT3 illuminated light box cubes

Want to know more about our T3 modular display system? Have a look at our blog post T3 – Modular Displays; How They Work

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If this blog post sparked an idea for you, or you have any questions please reach out to our friendly team here at Composite Images and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly to see how we can help you bring your vision to life. Follow this link to our contact details



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