Our Values


Composite Images has an unbelievable customer and employee retention rate as well as customer satisfaction and that can only be attributed to our core values.

We understand that our customers are in business just like us. We understand the frustrations and challenges businesses face in today’s climate and we know there is no such thing as a short cut when it comes to producing high quality products and services. This is why our core values set us apart and allow us to deliver quality results time after time.

  1. Passion – the team at Composite Images are passionate; passionate about the print industry and passionate about providing customers with the right solution, on time and to the highest quality.
  2. Quality– we are meticulous about working to timelines and timeframes and will not take on a job if we will not be able to meet a deadline. It is because of this attitude we do not need to take short cuts and provide work that is below our usual high standards. We get it right the first time and get it to you on time, our reputation is built on this philosophy and is the reason we have the level of customer retention that we do. We know the substrates and materials we use inside and out and will never settle for anything less than optimal for the desired outcome.
  3. Innovative – our team are committed to providing the best products and services to our clients and as such place a high level of importance on staying abreast of current industry trends and methodologies. In fact, many of our methods have been adapted in-house to better suit the needs of our clients. Composite Images has always been at the forefront of the industry and invests heavily in studying and analysing cutting edge technologies to ensure we are providing the highest quality with the most cost-effective method possible to our clients. Not to mention our team love challenging themselves and learning new gadgets and methodologies.
  4. Honesty – our team pride themselves on their honesty, if we do not believe we will be able to deliver the final result our client requires, we will tell them from the beginning. We are not “Yes” men. We say yes to the right jobs that allow us to provide the outstanding results we pride ourselves on.