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Here at Composite Images we love working with our clients from the initial design conception stage all the way through to delivering the finished product. Our Exhibition Display services are an excellent example of how, based on the client’s vision, we can bring these impressive displays to life.

We provide standard exhibition display services and shell-kits stands as well as full customised solutions. Custom solutions include, but are not limited to, benches, counters, display stands, lighting, flooring and even fitting monitors, sound systems, screens and custom product display segments. Not only do we design these amazing exhibition displays with intricate detail, but we assemble, or “bump in” these displays for our clients as well as offering “bump out” services.

Our Exhibition Displays are created with T3 Modular Display systems. T3 is the world’s most innovative, compact, easy to build, and reconfigurable modular display system. With no tools required or levers to push, no other system can compete on speed of build or dismantle.

The T3 range has been designed to be adaptable into a wide variety of display environments. The real success behind the T3 modular display system is its versatility, and its ability to be reconfigured to meet your specific requirements.

Create stunning display solutions with the T3 modular display system which are completely reconfigurable and adaptable to all environments.

Below is an example of the Amber Technologies Exhibition Display we custom designed and built to accommodate a multitude of screens, monitors, sound systems and product displays. You can see our team assembling the Exhibition Display and some of the custom panels designed to meet the client’s requirements.

Flooring going down for Amber Technology exhibition display

Frame build complete and Custom panels being applied

Amber Technology exhibition display being built

Flooring complete, now moving onto the Display frame build

Panels going on Amber Technology exhibition display

Frame build complete and customer panels being applied

Products going onto Amber Technology exhibition display

Products are now being added to the display

Amber Technology exhibition display completed

Finished Product!

The T3 materials are lightweight and durable so they are perfect for use at multiple exhibition’s and we can accommodate bump in and out requirements Australia wide as well as New Zealand. Not only that but if a client undergoes a re-brand or requires updates to the graphics we can do these as well.

We’ve also got a great timelapse video of Logan, one of our highly experienced team members putting together a T3 display for Australia Post, click on the link below to view.

Australia Post Exhibition Display

One of the challenges our clients face when it comes to exhibition’s is the space restrictions imposed and how to make a statement and stand out amongst the sea of stands.

The first thing is to remember why you are at the exhibit, who is your target audience and what message do you want them to walk away with. Once you have determined these key factors it is imperative your exhibition display effectively relays your product or service offering and message upon first glance. The next factor for drawing visitors to your stand is making the display conspicuous and eye catching, particularly from a distance (a freebie or giveaway never hurts either).

Composite Images are experts at working with clients to combat these challenges and ensure the space is being used to its full potential, the message is clearly presented, the display facilitates ease of use for visitors, is eye catching and user friendly. Through our work with our clients, the many times we have exhibited ourselves and the countless exhibitions we have attended as visitors we understand what does and does not work with exhibition displays.

We understand exhibition space is a costly expense to a business, as is the time and resources required for Exhibition preparation as well as staffing and resources for the duration of the exhibition. Get the most out of your next exhibition and discuss your display stand requirements with our experienced team today.

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