FAQ’s 3D Printing


We’ve had a lot of questions and enquiries about our 3D printing; what we can and can’t do, what the limitations are, what is required to begin the process etc. All of these questions made it clear that 3D printing is anything but clear! So we have put together these FAQ’s to help make it a little easier to understand where we sit in the 3D printing market and how we can hep you bring your ideas to life.

Massivit 3D printer with man

What dimensions can you 3D print?

All of the large format 3D models you have seen from us have been printed on our Massivit 1800 printer. This printer is big, as in it has its own room at our offices big. It can produce one piece that is 1500mm x 1200mm x 1800mm (3.24 cubic metres) and if you want larger than that we simply print in segments and adhere the pieces together, so size is definitely not one of our limitations with 3D printing.

What material do you use, what are the models made from?

The material used for our 3D printing is a specialist resin that is cured under UV light during the production process. When the 3D printing is finished the model is ready, there is no additional curing or drying time required. Once printed, the model is rigid and hollow with varying degrees of wall thickness available.

What do the models look like when they come out of the printer?

The raw 3D models are an off-white colour but can be painted, vinyl wrapped or internally illuminated to create the finished effect you are after.

What information or files do you need to create a 3D model?

In order to produce a 3D printed model, we require a 3D file in STL format. While 3D file creation and scanning are other options we do not provide them in-house. We do however have a wonderful team of experts in these fields we can engage or put you in touch with if you require either.

How much does it cost?

Without a file and size target it is very difficult to estimate 3D printing pricing. Pricing of the raw model is based on the weight (per kg) of resin required to produce (3D print) the model. When we say raw model we are referring to the model as it is when it comes out of the printer. In addition to the weight the 3D models printing mode, printing time and complexity are all taken into consideration. Finishing of the 3D model is quoted on a case by case basis as there are so many different methods and techniques. Once we have a file we can assess the requirements and provide an accurate quote.

Can you 3D print a prototype?

Yes and no. Primarily, we focus and specialise in large format 3D printing, the majority of our models have been around the 2m high mark. While they don’t all need to be this large we are not optimised for producing very small models. As well as our large format Massivit 1800 we also have a smaller 3D printer we use for additional detail or to test our files so feel free to ask us if there is something on the smaller scale you have in mind.

Can you 3D print a piece for my car?

No, as explained above the models we produce are rigid, hollow and made from cured resin. We do not print metal pieces or pieces appropriate for medical use.

What is the best use for our 3D prints?

What we specialise in is 3D printing jaw-dropping models that catch people’s attention and draw them in. They are perfect for advertising, marketing displays, point of purchase displays, pop-up stores and exhibitions. It’s not just large standalone models we produce either, we can produce channel letters and logos with LED illumination to create an eye-catching display among a sea of exhibition stands.

Being that the industry is so new and varied it can be difficult to navigate but once you have an understanding of the outputs from our 3D printer your imagination will run wild with ideas!

We absolutely love creating so if you have an idea in mind, pop through an email to sales@compositeimages.com.au or give us a call on (02) 9438 4477 and we can help bring this idea to life.