Rugby League World Cup Large 3D Prints



We have been very busy here at Composite Images recently and our beloved Massivit 1800 3D Printer sure has been getting a workout with plenty of large 3D prints being produced.

One of the 3D printing projects we have worked on recently was for the Rugby League World Cup 2017, and boy was this fun! We were tasked with creating 14 rugby player models, but not just any models. We are talking larger than life models, with each model standing at an impressive 2.4m high (this is just the figure not including the plinth).



Large 3D prints illuminated in Pitt Street, Sydney

Here are our League of Giants illuminated in Pitt Street, Sydney



Each model was printed on the Massivit in multiple parts by Composite Images so you can only imagine what the workshop looked like with limbs covering the benches during production! The detailed parts were then skilfully assembled, lit and dressed by the team at Gorilla Constructions.

To add to their impressive stature each large 3D print has been illuminated internally using LED lighting creating quite a sight, especially as the sun goes down and a must for selfies and social media. Adding to the social media presence these 3D printed Rugby giants travelled around Australia for 2 months during the competition. The giants were situated at iconic locations such as Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall and Circular Quay with the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour as a backdrop. Did you spot our League of Giants around Australia?



Large 3D prints - illuminated rugby giants

There is nothing we enjoy more here at Composite Images than working on a new project that challenges us and allows us to think outside the box, let us know how we can help you with your next project. Contact us here


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