Jimmy Jackpots at The Star – 3D Print


Jimmy Jackpot 3d print


Introducing the newest member to The Star staff…Jimmy Jackpots the 3D print!

We had an absolute ball creating this gorgeous character for The Star in Sydney, we were even sad to see him leave the office.

Jimmy Jackpots was printed on our Massivit 1800 3D printer in our production studios on Sydney’s North Shore. Working on 3D models is always fun and no matter the shape provides an exciting challenge for the team. Looking at a 2D image, or even the finished product it is difficult to imagine what level of detail, design and planning is required to print and construct a model like this. Take a look at Jimmy Jackpots legs for example, they are very thin compared to the rest of his body they are required to support, his body is on an angle and he stands very tall. This is where Composite Images shines, with our experienced team able to analyse the requirements, note where additional considerations need to be taken and the logistics required to create a sturdy, durable and successful model.

Jimmy Jackpots 3d print
Jimmy Jackpots 3d print
Jimmy Jackpots 3d print

If you’ve got a mascot, character or any 3D model requirements give us a call and let’s see how we can help you!

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