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Have you ever looked at a surface and wished you could utilise it for marketing or promotional purposes but didn’t think there was a practical way to do it? Or maybe you have put that office refurbishment on the back burner because it seemed too hard.

Well you can rest-assured that at Composite Images anything we can produce we can install, and you can leave all of those details to us. In fact, our entire team of installers have each been with Composite Images for over 10 years. Within those 10 years they have individually and collectively worked with every type of flat and rollable media we offer and produce on. They are true experts in their field and work meticulously to ensure a perfect finish every time and on time.


Installation services - installing graphics overhead

Heights don’t bother us

End result, definitely worth it!

End result, definitely worth it!

Whatever it takes, ironing fabric banners before installing

Whatever it takes, ironing fabric banners before installing

They have undergone training and initiation for all of the major exhibition locations around Sydney and many across the rest of Australia and New Zealand as well as holding all required safety standards. The team know their way around a forklift, cherry picker and ladder with extensive experience working in difficult to reach or high surfaces. They have also applied environmental graphics and prints to just about any surface imaginable and understand the safety and practical requirements for all of them.

Rain, hail or shine we make it work

Rain, hail or shine we make it work

Installation Services - installing large graphics in carpark

No space is too difficult

Installation Services - ensuring perfect finish every time

True perfectionists, never stopping until it is just right

Prints and graphics are an amazing tool to transform a space and use it to its full potential, when produced and installed correctly they are invaluable.

Put off updating your signage or adding some flare to your office because it seemed too difficult? Give the friendly and knowledgeable team at Composite Images a call and we can help you from design to production and installation




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